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3rd Quarter 2009 Financial Statements

This year’s Tithes of $362,969 are running 8% ahead of last year with all deaneries, except Orlando, showing an increase. Full year results should easily surpass the all time record of $522,685 set in 2007, and there is a good possibility that this year’s growth rate will reach our 12% historic average. All in all a most resounding rebound from the 5% decline in 2008, which was the first yearly decline in our history.
A review of the Tithes Report shows 45 churches have increased and 24 churches have decreased from last year. Especially notable performers are the rejuvenated Holy Spirit, Venice, which has recorded the second highest total for the Miami Deanery in both 2008 and 2009, and All Saints, Victoria, which has vaulted to third place in the Dallas Deanery. All Saints was established in 2006. Its small group of dedicated founders, under the leadership of Fr. Dimitri Cozby, has already constructed a strikingly handsome Orthodox temple. 

Our OCA Membership Assessment receipts through September are $114,789, which is about $31K less than 2008. This is attributable to the Diocese having capped the OCA Assessment obligation of its churches at 3% of total income, and thereby assuming the obligation of paying the shortfall to the OCA. The $27K increase in Tithes offsets most of the shortfall, but this will almost certainly not be the case in 2010, when the Diocese absorbs the full impact of the $254,374 Membership Assessment obligation to the OCA.
The decision to relieve the churches of the Membership Assessment obligation was based on the premise that the combination of a growing Tithe and church depositor base would largely offset the additional cost to the Diocese. Tithes have increased and the church depositor base is growing. On September 30, 2008 there were nine church depositors with total deposits of $140,469: on September 30, 2009 the totals were fifteen and $445,407, respectively; and, as of today the totals are seventeen and $489,627. It is expected that the totals will continue to grow as more churches become aware of the program and the generous interest rate (4.5%) that they can earn on their savings. If every church, each year, placed one-half the amount of its previous Membership Assessment obligation on deposit with the Diocese we will be able sustain the rate of growth in missions and parish development funding that has occurred over the past several years.

Respectfully submitted,

Milos Konjevich, DOS Treasurer

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