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January 2014

In as much as you have done it to the least of these...

January 21, 2014

A film about Orthodox monks providing shelter for disabled and
orphaned kids amid poverty and indifference. With English subtitles.

A few pics from around the Diocese: Great Blessing of Water

January 21, 2014

(Diocese of the South)

Tampa Parish Sees Dream in Africa Come True

January 21, 2014


(Northern Uganda)

      In 2010, Fr. Joseph Ciarciaglino, pastor of St. Philip the Apostle Orthodox Church in Tampa, Florida, traveled to northern Uganda with a medical team from OCMC. Shocked by the total lack of medical care in the villages of this war devastated area, he and Fr. George, a Ugandan Orthodox priest, discussed building a medical clinic to serve the area. Fr. Joseph would head up fundraising and Fr. George would oversee construction.
    With Fr. Joseph once again in Uganda, ground was broken in December of 2012. Monies continued to be raised from St. Philip parishioners, other Orthodox churches, as well as friends and legal associates of Fr. Joseph. On January 12, 2014 a 2,200 square foot medical center was dedicated and three days later began to treat patients.
      St. Philip parish has committed to pay the Ugandan nurse's salary for two years. St. Justin Martyr parish in Jackson will pay the lab technician for the same period. The Health Center website is

When Thou, O Lord, wast baptized in the Jordan!

January 13, 2014

(Beaufort, SC) featured some pics of St. James Orthodox Mission at the Great Blessing of Water on the Beaufort River.  And another on-line news article about St. Athanasius in Nicholasville.

Ancient Faith Publications Highlights Christ the Saviour Cathedral

January 8, 2014

This year, Ancient Faith Publications (formerly Conciliar Press) has chosen to highlight the iconography of Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Miami in the 2014 calendar.  Every year, a different group of icons is selected for the calendar.  This is the first year in which an American parish has been chosen for this honor.  

The icons, written by Dimitri Shkolnik and his team, depict the miracles and parables of Jesus Christ.  They were completed in February 2013.  

For more information on the calendar, go to

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