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1st Quarter 2018 Financial Statements

April 30, 2018

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Spring 2018 Economia Newsletter

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2017 Year End Financial Statements


February 9, 2018

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3rd Quarter 2017 Financial Statements

December 13, 2017

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4th Quarter 2014 Financial Statements

December 31, 2014
Diocese of the South Expense Guidelines

December 29, 2014

Please see below in regards to the Diocese of the South's policy on reimbursement for travel expenses incurred for Diocesan business.  You may also download a copy here.







The Diocesan Council of the DOS recognizes that council members, clergy, and lay representatives of DOS may be required to travel or incur other expenses from time to time to conduct business on behalf of the diocese. T he purpose of this Policy is to ensure that (a) adequate cost guidelines are in place, (b) travel and other expenditures are appropriate, and (c) to provide a uniform and consistent approach for the timely reimbursement of authorized expenses, and d) to insure that appropriate documentation is available for review by the audit committee.  It is appropriate that the diocese reimburse only reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred by individuals conducting business on behalf of the diocese..

When incurring organizational expenses, best practices would indicate that individuals presenting expenses for reimbursement will:

  • Exercise discretion and good judgment with respect to those expenses.
  • Be cost conscious and spend money as carefully and judiciously as the individual would spend his or her own funds.
  • Report expenses, supported by required documentation, as they were actually spent.
  • Keep in mind the other Diocesan endeavors (i.e. mission planting) that could be done with the funds when making the decision to incur expenses.
  • Those planning assemblies and other such events should do so with the awareness of the total expense incurred within the Diocese of the South. Cost shifting between the parishes and the Diocese is not true savings when the mission of the church is considered.
  • Items like parking, Wi-Fi charges, luggage fees can make what appears to be an economical rate more expensive than a higher rate that is more inclusive.

Expense Report

Expenses will not be reimbursed unless the individual requesting reimbursement submits a written Expense Report. The Expense Report shall be submitted no later than 4 weeks after incurring the expense.  Reimbursement requests submitted after 4 weeks of the expense will not be valid.

Expense reimbursement request must include:

  • The individual’s name, phone and address where the reimbursement will be directed.
  • If reimbursement is for travel, the date, origin, destination and purpose of the trip, including a description of each related activity during the trip.
  • The name and affiliation/role of all people for whom expenses are claimed (i.e., people on whom money is spent such as meals) in order to conduct DOS business.
  • An itemized list of all expenses for which reimbursement is requested.


Original receipts are required for all expenditures billed directly to the DOS, such as airfare and hotel charges. No expense will be reimbursed unless the individual requesting reimbursement submits with the Expense Report written receipts from each vendor showing the vendor’s name, a description of the services provided (if not otherwise obvious), the date, and the total expenses, including tips (if applicable). A credit card receipt or statement may be used to document the vendor and date of an expense, provided other required details of the expenditure are fully documented.

Credit Cards

The documentation described is necessary for both reimbursement for individual outlay, as well as expenses placed on a corporate (“church”) card.

General Travel Requirements

Necessity of Travel. In determining the reasonableness and necessity of travel expenses, The person authorizing the travel shall consider the ways in which the DOS will benefit from the travel and weigh those benefits against the anticipated costs of the travel. Should the benefits to the DOS not clearly outweigh the costs, less expensive alternatives, such as participation by telephone or video conferencing, or the availability of local programs or training opportunities, shall be considered.

Personal and Spousal Travel Expenses. With advance approval from the bishop, chancellor, or treasurer, individuals traveling on behalf of the DOS may incorporate personal travel or business with their related trips; however, individuals shall not arrange travel at a time that is less advantageous to the diocese or involve greater expenses to the diocese in order to accommodate personal travel plans. Any additional expenses incurred as a result of personal travel, including but not limited to extra hotel nights, additional stopovers, meals or transportation, are the sole responsibility of the individual and will not be reimbursed by the DOS. Expenses associated with travel of an individual’s spouse, family or friends will not be reimbursed by the diocese without prior approval from the bishop, chancellor, or treasurer.

Air Travel

General. Air travel reservations should be made as far in advance as possible in order to take advantage of reduced fares.

Frequent Flyer Miles and Compensation for Denied Boarding. Personnel traveling on behalf of the DOS may accept and retain frequent flyer miles as well as compensation for denied boarding for their personal use. Individuals may not deliberately patronize a single airline to accumulate frequent flyer miles if less expensive comparable tickets are available on another airline.


Personnel traveling on behalf of the DOS may be reimbursed at the single room rate for the reasonable cost of hotel accommodations. Convenience, the cost of staying in the city in which the hotel is located, and proximity to other venues on the individual’s itinerary shall be considered in determining reasonableness. DOS representatives shall make use of available discount rates for hotels where they are available.  Benchmarks for reasonable rates may be found by referring to

Out-Of-Town Meals

Personnel traveling on behalf of DOS are reimbursed on a per meal basis at the following rates when they actually incur the cost of a meal. They will not be reimbursed for meals paid for or provided by others. Please note below a general guideline for cost of meals.

Breakfast: $ 7.50
Lunch: $ 12.50
Dinner: $ 25.50

Exceptions to the above limits may be made where available meal options require higher expenditures. Exceptions will require a receipt.

Ground Transportation

Employees are expected to use the most economical ground transportation appropriate under the circumstances and should generally use the following, in this order of desirability:

Volunteers from Host Parish.  For assemblies, clergy conferences, workshops and other such gatherings, if possible, the host church might recruit volunteers for pick up and drop offs where there is not significant travel during the course of the conference.

Courtesy Cars. Many hotels have courtesy cars, which will take you to and from the airport at no charge. Individuals should take advantage of this free service whenever possible. Another alternative may be a shuttle or bus.

Taxis. When courtesy cars and airport shuttles are not available, a taxi is often the next most economical and convenient form of transportation when the trip is for a limited time and minimal mileage is involved.

Rental Cars. Car rentals are expensive so other forms of transportation should be considered when practical. Employees will be allowed to rent a car while out of town provided that the cost is less than alternative methods of transportation.  Wherever possible, those renting cars should be car-pooling between church and hotels/airports, etc.

Personal Cars

Personnel are compensated for use of their personal cars when used for DOS business. When individuals use their personal car for such travel, including travel to and from the airport, mileage will be allowed at the currently approved IRS rate per mile.

In the case of individuals using their personal cars to take a trip that would normally be made by air, mileage will be allowed at the currently approved rate; however, the total mileage reimbursement will not exceed the sum of the lowest available round trip coach airfare(s) for those traveling by car.


Parking and toll expenses, including charges for hotel parking, incurred by DOS personnel traveling on business will be reimbursed. The costs of parking tickets, fines, car washes, valet service, etc., are the responsibility of the individual and will not be reimbursed.  On-airport parking is permitted for short business trips. For extended trips, Personnel should use off airport facilities, or arrange for shuttles when the shuttle expense is less than the parking fees.

Entertainment and Business Meetings

Reasonable expenses incurred for business meetings or other types of business-related entertainment will be reimbursed only if the expenditures are approved in advance by the bishop, chancellor, or treasurer. Detailed documentation for any such expense must be provided, including:

  • Date and place of entertainment
  • Nature of expense
  • Name, titles, and affiliation of those entertained
  • A complete description of the church purpose for the activity including the specific business matter discussed
  • Vendor receipts (not credit card receipts or statements) showing the vendor’s name, a description of the services provided, the date, and the total expenses, including tips (if applicable).

Other Expenses                                            

In addition, reasonable and necessary gratuities that are not covered under meals may be reimbursed.

Non-reimbursable Expenditures

The Diocese of the South maintains a strict policy that expenses in any category that could be perceived as lavish or excessive will not be reimbursed. See some examples below but are not limited to:

  • Travel insurance
  • First class tickets or upgrades
  • When lodging accommodations have been arranged by the DOS and the individual elects to stay elsewhere, reimbursement is made at the amount no higher than the rate negotiated by the DOS. Reimbursement shall not be made for transportation between the alternate lodging and the meeting site, unless the alternative site creates sufficient savings to cover the transportation costs.
  • Limousine travel
  • Movies, liquor, or bar costs
  • Spa or exercise charges
  • Clothing purchases
  • Valet service
  • Car washes
  • Toiletry articles
  • Expenses for spouses, friends, or relatives. If a spouse, friend or relative accompanies an individual on a trip, it is the responsibility of the individual to determine any added cost for double occupancy and related expenses and to make the appropriate adjustment in the reimbursement request. This policy does not apply to those events where it is customary that clergy families accompany their spouse/father. 

Approved by the Diocesan Council at the February 2014 Meeting.

3rd Quarter 2014 Financial Statements

November 11, 2014
2nd Quarter 2014 Financial Statements

Financial Reports for the 2014 Assembly

July 6, 2014

The Financial Reports for the 2014 Assembly have now been posted on the Assembly page.  Please direct all questions and comments to the Treasurer, Mr Milos Konjevich, at  


May 1, 2014


(Dallas, TX)   Mr. Milos Konjevich, treasurer for the Diocese of the South, has produced the 1st quarter financial reports for 2014.  Milos invites any questions or comments at or 214-522-4149.









2013 Diocese of the South Year-End Financial Reports

March 4, 2014


(Dallas, TX)   Mr. Milos Konjevich, Treasurer for the Diocese of the South, has produced the 2013 year-end financial reports.  Milos invites any questions or comments at or 214-522-4149.













DOS Financial Reports - 3rd Quarter 2013

October 17, 2013


(Dallas, TX)   Mr. Milos Konjevich, treasurer for the Diocese of the South, has produced the 3rd quarter financial reports.  Milos invites any questions or comments at or 214-522-4149.













Financial Reports as of September 2012

Reports as of October 2012

Treasurer\'s Reports as of June 2012

DOS Financial Reports as of June 30, 2011

Aug 20, 2011
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Here are the links to the DOS Financial Reports as of June 30, 2011.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact our treasurer, Milos Konjevich at

Treasurer's Message

Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Sources and Uses of Cash

Tithe Report
Financial Reports of The Diocese of the South

With the blessing of His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah, the Treasurer of the Diocese of the South will provide members of the diocese with timely financial reports (quarterly, yearly and for consideration at the annual Diocesan Assembly.)

Reports will be posted in .pdf format for ease of downloading and printing.

Mr. Milos Konjevich, DOS Treasurer invites any questions or comments at or 214-522-4149.

New DOS Financials Posted!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Tithe Income was $556,798, an increase of only $4,376 over the prior year.  This is a marked departure from the 12% average growth rate of the fifteen years preceding.  In previous years there was always a church or two the produced oversized increases, either from large gifts or building fund donations.  That didn't happen in 2010.  Also, the proportion between "gainers" and "losers" was significantly less favorable than that of 2009:  twenty-seven churches showed decreases in 2010, versus eighteen in 2009, while gainers decreased from forty-eight to forty-one.  It was a year of tight budgets for many of our churches and, by the grace of God, the decision of the Diocese to relieve its churches of the OCA Membership Assessment burden couldn't have come at a better time.

Missions & Parish Development expenses totaled $189,702, well in excess of our "25% of Tithe Income" benchmark.  A total of $535,959 was loaned to thirteen churches, most of which was used to pay down bank mortgage debt.  The Diocese is currently managing the bank debt of seven churches with aggregate indebtedness of $2,791,911:  the total of scheduled payments for 2011 is $256,915.  The 2011 payment schedule for Church Friendly Loans and Priest Seminary Debt are $116, 328 and $26,650, respectively, and scheduled payments to the six churches currently receiving DIocesan Planting Grants total $57,000.  The sum total of our 2011 funding commitments is $457,902.

Our ability to take on funding commitments of this extent and magnitude is made possible by the growth in Church Deposits and Church Friendly Loans from individuals.  Both of these funding mechanisms are of fairly recent origin (2008) but their essential place in the financial workings of this Dioceses has already been established.  The number of churches participating in the Church Deposit and Managed Debt programs will continue to grow as they come to realize the attendant benefits to themselves, their sister churches, and the Diocese.  Likewise, the responsiveness of people to the Church Friendly Loan concept indicates further growth potential.  These mechanisms for meeting the massive capital needs of our growing Diocese are the product of a Gospel-centered unity of purpose that dwell within its people - a people secure in the knowledge of having been created for a purpose, which is manifested by a willingness to offer their time, talent, and treasure to Him.

Our Tithe Income to date is $114,325, which is about 25% ahead of last year.  There hasn't been a full year increase of this size since 2007, so maybe we're due.  Timely remittance of Tithe payments in recent months is the best I've seen in my seventeen years as treasurer, and I thank you for that.  It makes the management of our somewhat intricate financial structure  so much easier.

The 2010 Financial Reports are attached hereto.  Your questions and comments are welcome.

Yours in Christ,

Milos Konjevich


DOS Financial Report - 3rd Quarter 2010

October 29

(Dallas, TX)  The 2010 DOS 3rd Quarter Financial Reports have been released by Diocesan Treasurer, Milos Konjevich.  The attached reports include a Comparative Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Loans and Deposits Activity Report and Tithe Report.  2010 DOS Tithes, YTD compared to 2009 YTD show an 11% increase ($579,906 vs $522,800).

Balance Sheet
Funding Cash Flows
Income Statement
Tithe Report
DOS Financial Reports for the 2010 Assembly

July 26

For a complete packet of DOS 2010 Assembly Financial Reports,  click here.
DOS 2009 Year-End Financial Reports

April 21

(Dallas, TX)
Mr. Milos Konjevich, Treasurer/Administrator for the Diocese of the South has submitted his Year-End 2009 DOS Financial Reports.  The reports and his comments are below.

Your Beatitude and Members of the Diocese of the South:

Christ is Risen!  Indeed He is Risen!

The Diocese of the South finished the first decade of the new century with another strong year. The upward momentum in tithe income and financial support to parishes and missions was sustained, each reaching all time highs, coming in at $552,062 and $331,865, respectively,
Tithe growth, along with that of our church depositor base, has fueled both the dollar amount and the broadening scope of our church assistance initiative.  Given the historic data used to plan our diocesan budgets, we can project that our growth trends of the past five years will continue in this decade.

Please direct any questions you may have to me for a prompt reply.

Asking your Archpastoral Blessing,

Milos Konjevich
DOS Treasurer/Administrator


2009 DOS 3rd Quarter Financial Reports

This year’s Tithes of $362,969 are running 8% ahead of last year with all deaneries, except Orlando, showing an increase. Full year results should easily surpass the all time record of $522,685 set in 2007, and there is a good possibility that this year’s growth rate will reach our 12% historic average. All in all a most resounding rebound from the 5% decline in 2008, which was the first yearly decline in our history.
A review of the Tithes Report shows 45 churches have increased and 24 churches have decreased from last year. Especially notable performers are the rejuvenated Holy Spirit, Venice, which has recorded the second highest total for the Miami Deanery in both 2008 and 2009, and All Saints, Victoria, which has vaulted to third place in the Dallas Deanery. All Saints was established in 2006. Its small group of dedicated founders, under the leadership of Fr. Dimitri Cozby, has already constructed a strikingly handsome Orthodox temple.

Our OCA Membership Assessment receipts through September are $114,789, which is about $31K less than 2008. This is attributable to the Diocese having capped the OCA Assessment obligation of its churches at 3% of total income, and thereby assuming the obligation of paying the shortfall to the OCA. The $27K increase in Tithes offsets most of the shortfall, but this will almost certainly not be the case in 2010, when the Diocese absorbs the full impact of the $254,374 Membership Assessment obligation to the OCA.
The decision to relieve the churches of the Membership Assessment obligation was based on the premise that the combination of a growing Tithe and church depositor base would largely offset the additional cost to the Diocese. Tithes have increased and the church depositor base is growing. On September 30, 2008 there were nine church depositors with total deposits of $140,469: on September 30, 2009 the totals were fifteen and $445,407, respectively; and, as of today the totals are seventeen and $489,627. It is expected that the totals will continue to grow as more churches become aware of the program and the generous interest rate (4.5%) that they can earn on their savings. If every church, each year, placed one-half the amount of its previous Membership Assessment obligation on deposit with the Diocese we will be able sustain the rate of growth in missions and parish development funding that has occurred over the past several years.

Respectfully submitted,

Milos Konjevich, DOS Treasurer

2009 3rd Quarter DOS Financial Reports