31 March - Updated Archpastoral Guidance on COVID-19

To be observed through the month of April - Holy Week and Pascha directives included.

13 March - Updated Archpastoral Guidance on COVID-19

Diocesan practices that the Archbishop has asked his parishes to observe through at least March 29.

13 March - Memorandum Parish Safety and COVID-19

Practical steps that parishes should take to assure safety during this period of heightened vigilance.

Guidelines for the Retirement of Priests

These guidelines should assist the priest and his parish/mission in preparation for retirement.

Guidelines for the Reception of Secondarily Assigned or Attached Clergy

These guidelines should be used whenever a priest or deacon is assigned to a parish or mission in a role other than rector or priest-in-charge.

Clergy Compensation Guidelines for the Diocese of the South

These guidelines should be used by the parish council, in concert with their priest and dean, to assure that compensation packages are in alignement with DOS expectations.