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July 18, 2014

[Nicholasville, KY - St Athanasius]

The Book of Genesis records a variety of events in Hebrew history. While the Hebrew scriptures naturally celebrated the glorious acts of God and the righteousness of God's people, the narrative also forced the Hebrews to recall the challenging aspects of their history. Among the more troubling stories can be found the tale of their 40-year wandering in the wilderness before their entry into the Promised Land. The 70 households comprising the parish family of St. Athanasius Orthodox Church can relate to the challenges of "wandering." For the past 13 years, the parishioners of St. Athanasius have met in storefronts and temporary places, most recently at 926 S. Main Street in Lily Springs Center.

On Sunday, July 27th, however, all of this changes. At 9am Sunday morning, the parish community will offer its final Liturgy at 926 S. Main and immediately will do something that has never before been done in Nicholasville: they will make a full, traditional Eastern Orthodox Christian "Cross Procession" through the City of Nicholasville, from their old meeting space to the their new church building, 2-miles north. An Orthodox Cross Procession includes the entire parish walking together on foot, carrying Byzantine-style icons, singing Orthodox chant a capella, as the clergy and servers wear their traditional vestments. Weather-permitting, the Procession route will take parishioners up Main Street, into downtown. At Lake Street, the Procession will head east. The Procession will then move north through Lake Mingo Park and the Orchard, and up Peachtree Drive to the new church. St. Athanasius' new church building, begun last fall, is located at the corners of Village Parkway, Lime Lane, and Peachtree Drive in the north of town near Wal-Mart.

After the Procession to the new church, Fr. Justin Patterson, Priest-in-Charge, will lead the congregation in a short Service of Thanksgiving and challenge the parishioners to find their ultimate home in God, after which all of our visitors and guests are invited to share a meal and refreshments together in the new parish hall.

At 12:30pm this Sunday (the 27th), St. Athanasius' Bread Ministry officially inaugurates the distribution of Panera Bread at the new church location. All parish-related activities, as of July 27th, are consolidated at 100 Lime Lane.

Schedule for Weekend of July 26 and 27:
2pm Saturday: Great Vespers at old church
2:45pm Saturday: Heavy Moving begins (with moving van present)
9am Sunday: Divine Liturgy at old church
10:35am Sunday: Water and extra-Blessed Bread offered as post-Communion prayers are read
10:45am Sunday: 2-mile Cross-Procession to new church (~45 min.)
11:30am Sunday: Service of Thanksgiving (Moleben) in new church
11:50am Sunday: Blessing of Pizza and Refreshments; Fellowship
12:30-1:15pm: Inaugural "Bread Ministry" at the new church

For more information, please contact Fr Justin Patterson or visit St Athanasius' website or Facebook page.

Preparing the new church property
Preparing the new church property
Preparing the new church property
The moving begins!
The moving begins!
The moving begins!
Inside the new church
Inside the new church
Inside the new church
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