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Brochures in Spanish

The following brochures have been put together to explain aspects of Orthodoxy to Spanish speakers.  Please feel free to download and print these brochures to share information about the Orthodox Church with the Spanish speaking community in your area.  You may also put links to the brochures on your parish website.

These brochures are the results of the efforts of V. Rev. John Matusiak, Rev. Antonio Perdomo, Mat. Elizabeth Perdomo, and David Lucas.

Podcast in Spanish

Fr. Antonio Perdomo, priest at St. George the Great Martyr Orthodox Church in Pharr, TX, shares the daily scripture readings and lives of the saints.

The premier "Glorificnado" program aired on September 15, 2011.  This first AFR Spanish-language program was dedicated to Father Antonio's Father in Christ, Archbishop Dmitri of blessed memory, who translated many liturgical services and materials into Spanish, and who always encouraged Fr. Antonio to continue with this important outreach effort.


Fr. Antonio was born in the Dominican Republic and is a native Spanish speaker.  He moderates three Spanish-language Orthodox forums.  Two of these are hosted on "yahoogroups."  One, named "Hisporto" is a Spanish-language Orthodox discussion group, active since June of 2000.  Another, "LeFeOrtodoxaCristiana," began in July 2009 and rather than a discussion forum, simply shares the daily lives of saints, feasts and fasts and scriptures, as well as pertinent Orthodox news.  The third internet forum also began in 2009, and found on Facebook is called "Orthodox Spanish Language Outreach (OSLO)."  Through these venues and in other places, Fr. Perdomo has for the last two years also been sharing a series of Spanish language Orthodox Lives of Saints from translations which he spearheaded.


Since early 2002, Father Antonio has been the Pastor of St. George Orthodox Church in Pharr, located in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas right on the border with Mexico.  By the request and with the blessing of Orthodox Church in America Bishop Alejo of Mexico and former Mexican Exarchate Bishop, Archbishop Dmitri of blessed memory, Fr. Perdomo has done considerable work with Spanish-speaking people on both sides of the border as well as in other Latin American countries.

Vengan a Recibir la Luz:

Come Receive the Light in Spanish!

Come Receive the Light se honra en presentar el inicio de nuestro programa de habla hispana, que se llamará Vengan a Recibir la Luz. Este nuevo programa mensual durará treinta minutos y tendrá presentaciones de varios temas teológicos entre el Padre Aristidis Arizi y Padre David Wooten, himnos en español, lecturas de las epístolas y de los evangelios, y un sermón por Padre Miguel Marcantoni.

Little Litany in Spanish

For those of you wishing to incorporate the Little Litany in Spanish (La Letania Menor), here is the music, deacon and priest part for the Little Litany (1st occurrence) used in the Divine Liturgy.

Liturgical Texts in Spanish

The Divine Liturgy

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