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September 2011

Music and Arts Festival - Mt Pleasant (Charleston), SC

Sep 26, 2011

Please see the linked flyer for more information on the Music and Arts festival to be held Holy Ascension Orthodox Church on Saturday, October 8th.

First AFR Podcast in Spanish - 'Glorificando a Dios Diariamente'

Sept 18, 2011

Notice from AFR: Ancient Faith Radio is pleased to present its first Spanish-language podcast.  Fr. Antonio Perdomo, priest at St. George the Great Martyr Orthodox Church in Pharr, TX, shares the daily scripture readings and lives of the saints.  Listen seven days a week beginning this coming Sunday, but first listen to his touching tribute to Archbishop Dmitri of blessed memory:


Glorificando a Dios Diariamente


The premier "Glorificnado" program aired on September 15, 2011.  This first AFR Spanish-language program was dedicated to Father Antonio's Father in Christ, Archbishop Dmitri of blessed memory, who translated many liturgical services and materials into Spanish, and who always encouraged Fr. Antonio to continue with this important outreach effort.


Fr. Antonio was born in the Dominican Republic and is a native Spanish speaker.  He moderates three Spanish-language Orthodox forums.  Two of these are hosted on "yahoogroups."  One, named "Hisporto" is a Spanish-language Orthodox discussion group, active since June of 2000.  Another, "LeFeOrtodoxaCristiana," began in July 2009 and rather than a discussion forum, simply shares the daily lives of saints, feasts and fasts and scriptures, as well as pertinent Orthodox news.  The third internet forum also began in 2009, and found on Facebook is called "Orthodox Spanish Language Outreach (OSLO)."  THrough these venues and in other places, Fr. Perdomo has for the last two years also been sharing a series of Spanish language Orthodox Lives of Saints from translations which he spearheaded.


Since early 2002, Father Antonio has been the Pastor of St. George Orthodox Church in Pharr, located in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas right on the boarder with Mexico.  By the request and with the blessing of Orthodox Church in America Bishop Alejo of Mexico and former Mexican Exarchate Bishop, Archbishop Dmitri of blessed memory, Fr. Perdomo has done considerable work with Spanish-speaking people on both sides of the border as well as in other Latin American countries.

Glorificando a Dios Diariamente - La Lectura Diaria de la Epistola y el Evangelio y la Vida del Santo del Dia

Sept 15, 2011

Aqui la primera publicaion del programa radio emisor de la red. Si tienen el tiempo por favor escuchenlo.


The very first program in Spanish on Ancient Faith Radio - Daily Lives of Saints & Scriptures - the first program dedicated to the newly departed Archbishop Dmitri of Dallas and the South!


Start date: September 2011 21 minutes, 28 seconds in 1 episodes


Fr. Antonio Perdomo comparte las lecturas bíblicas diarias y las vidas de los santos en español. Escuchar todos los días! 
Fr. Antonio Perdomo shares the daily scripture readings and the lives of the saints in Spanish. Listen seven days a week!


Author Bio


Fr. Antonio Perdomo is priest at St. George the Great Martyr Orthodox Church in Pharr, Texas.

Photos of Apb DMITRI - Preparation and Funeral

Sept 15, 2011

On August 28, 2011 our Archbishop DMITRI of Dallas and the South fell asleep in the Lord peacefully at his home in Dallas surrounded by his friends praying and reading the scriptures.  I was honored and blessed to be asked to come to Dallas on a moments notice to lead the preparation of his body for burial in the ancient Christian tradition.  This was a very powerful experience for me, and I think of call those involved.  I have performed this service many times but never for such a holy man.  It was necessary to keep his body in the church for five days.  This is also the longest I have every attempted.  As you see, ever tying went beautifully, not by any efforts of mine but, I believe simply, God loves his servant.


Please forgive the quality of the photos.  Not only were they shot in low light, mostly without flash, but when I returned home I found that my autofocus was broken and not working properly.


Please feel free to share this link with anyone who may like to see the photos.


May his memory be eternal.


Deacon Mark

Photos and Videos from the services for Archbishop Dmitri

Sep 4, 2011

Here is the link to photos taken at the services for Archbishop Dmitri.  

Video of the procession of the church.

Video of Bp Basil serving a Panikhida for Archbishop Dmitri.

Video of the final 'Eis Polla.'

More photos will be added as the services continue.

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